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Mexican Casino and Card Room Gaming

Casino gaming in Mexico is expressly forbidden in the first article of the Federal Law of Games and Draws of 1947. However, the same law mentions an opportunity for games with bets to be allowed at the discretion of the Secretaria de Gobernación (SEGOB). Initially, permission for such games was rarely granted. But the situation changed over time, and eventually, Class II machines and converted Class III machines began operating in hundreds of gaming properties throughout the country.

The Mexican government has attempted to gain control of its casino industry numerous times in the last decade. Its latest effort began in early 2015, when the government began pushing for legislation that would authorize resorts to build casinos. The goal behind this legislative push is to make sure new casinos are built to attract tourists, not locals.

In 2013, Mexico banned slot machines. It also stopped gaming license owners from renting out their permits to other operators.

Bills that would have banned gaming parlors near schools and churches, banned the operation of slot machines in stores and pharmacies, and created a new tax structure for the remaining operators failed to pass in 2009 and 2010.

Mexican Casino and Card Room Gaming Properties

7 Jackpot Casino
Abu Dhabi
Arenia Casino - Mexicali
Arenia Casino - Morelia
Astoria Casino
Big Bola Casino - Ahome
Big Bola Casino - Álvaro Obregón
Big Bola Casino - Atizapán
Big Bola Casino - Boca del Río
Big Bola Casino - Carmen
Big Bola Casino - Celaya
Big Bola Casino - Córdoba
Big Bola Casino - Huixquilucan
Big Bola Casino - León
Big Bola Casino - Metepec
Big Bola Casino - Naucalpan de Juárez
Big Bola Casino - Orizaba
Big Bola Casino - Querétaro
Big Bola Casino - San Luis
Big Bola Casino - Santa Fe
Big Bola Casino - Tlalnepantla
Big Bola Casino - Tuxpan
Big Bola Casino - Xalapa
Bingo 777 - Campeche
Bingo 777 - Lerma
Bingo 777 - Orizaba
Bingo 777 - Poza Rica de Hidalgo
Bingo 777 - Tlajomulco de Zuniga
Bingo Casino
Caliente Casino - Acapulco
Caliente Casino - Ahome
Caliente Casino - Bávaro
Caliente Casino - Benito Juárez
Caliente Casino - Boca del Río Las Americas
Caliente Casino - Boca del Río Plaza
Caliente Casino - Centro
Caliente Casino - Centro Cívico
Caliente Casino - Chihuahua
Caliente Casino - Cinco y Diez
Caliente Casino - Cuernavaca
Caliente Casino - Culiacan Isla Musala
Caliente Casino - Culiacan Plaza Forum
Caliente Casino - Durango
Caliente Casino - Galerías Hipódromo
Caliente Casino - Guadalajara Plaza Arboledas
Caliente Casino - Hipódromo
Caliente Casino - Hotel Pueblo Amigo
Caliente Casino - Huixquilucan
Caliente Casino - Interlomas Plaza Magnocentro
Caliente Casino - Irapuato Plaza Cibeles
Caliente Casino - Jai Alai
Caliente Casino - JR. Hipódromo
Caliente Casino - Juarez
Caliente Casino - La Parroquía
Caliente Casino - La Paz Plaza Forjadores
Caliente Casino - La Taberna
Caliente Casino - Last Chance
Caliente Casino - Leon Plaza Mayor
Caliente Casino - Los Cabos Puerto Paraíso
Caliente Casino - Macroplaza Insurgentes
Caliente Casino - Mazatlán Ave. del Mar
Caliente Casino - Merida Gran Plaza
Caliente Casino - Metepec
Caliente Casino - Mexicali
Caliente Casino - Mexicali Centro
Caliente Casino - Miguel Hidalgo
Caliente Casino - Monterrey Centro
Caliente Casino - Monterrey Guadalupe
Caliente Casino - Monterrey Valle Oriente
Caliente Casino - Morelia
Caliente Casino - Naucalpan
Caliente Casino - Naucalpan Bazar Lomas Verdes
Caliente Casino - Naucalpan de Juárez
Caliente Casino - Nezahualcoyotl
Caliente Casino - Nogales
Caliente Casino - Oasis Corredor 2000
Caliente Casino - Otay
Caliente Casino - Otay Sentri
Caliente Casino - Pedro Loyola
Caliente Casino - Playas
Caliente Casino - Plaza Río
Caliente Casino - Puebla Las Animas
Caliente Casino - Puebla Plaza Dorada
Caliente Casino - Querétaro
Caliente Casino - Race Club
Caliente Casino - Rosarito
Caliente Casino - San Luis Potosí Tangamanga
Caliente Casino - Sports Center Pueblo Amigo
Caliente Casino - Tecate
Caliente Casino - Tijuana Revolucion
Caliente Casino - Tlalnepantla Mundo
Caliente Casino - Veracruz Los Portales
Caliente Casino - Xalapa Las Americas
Caliente Casino - Zona Norte
Capri Casino - Guadalajara
Capri Casino - Tlalnepantla de Baz
Casino Bingo and Sport Bets - Ocotlán
Casino Bingo Black 21
Casino Blue Dreams
Casino Central - Cajeme
Casino Central - Colima
Casino Central - Guadalajara
Casino Central - Hermasillo
Casino Central - San Francisco del Rincon
Casino Central Crown - La Paz
Casino Crown Linares
Casino Fantastic Leon
Casino Firenze
Casino Fortune - Chihuahua
Casino Fortune - La Paz
Casino Gran Dunas
Casino Guaymas
Casino Imperial
Casino Jackpot - Playas De Rosarito
Casino Life - Benito Juárez
Casino Life - Celaya
Casino Life - Hermosillo
Casino Life - Mérida
Casino Life - Pachuca
Casino Malibu
Casino Miravalle - Ocotlán
Casino Monaco
Casino Monarca
Casino MonteCarlo
Casino Palace - Chihuahua
Casino Palace - Coatzacoalcos
Casino Palace - Coyoacán
Casino Palace - Hermosillo
Casino Palace - Nogales
Casino Palace - Puebla
Casino Palace Bingo - Benito Juárez
Casino Paraiso
Casino Pedregal
Casino Premium - La Paz
Casino Riviera
Casino Riviera Manzanillo
Casino Rosales
Casino Sevens y Sport Book - Cuauhtémoc
Casino Soleil - Manzanillo
Casino Villas Palace
Casino Viva Mexico
Casino Winland - Queretaro
Casino's - Cajeme
Casino's - Hermosillo Centro
Casino's - Hermosillo, Proyecto Rio
Casino's - Navojoa
Casino's - Nogales
Circus Casino Salamanca
Clover Casino - Aguascalientes
Clover Casino - San Luis Potosí
Club Casino
Crown Casino - Chihuahua
Crown Casino - Delicias
Crown Casino - Juárez
Crown Casino - Puerto Vallarta
Crown City Casino - Campeche
Crown City Casino - Carmen
Crown City Casino - Coatzacoalcos
Crown City Casino - Juárez
Crown City Casino - Mérida
Crown City Casino - Navojoa
Crown City Casino - Villahermosa
Diamonds Casino - Mexicali
Diamonds Casino - Poza Rica de Hidalgo
Dubai Palace Casino
Eldorado Casino
Emine Casino
Emotion Casino - Acapulco
Emotion Casino - Azcapotzalco
Emotion Casino - Benito Juárez
Emotion Casino - Chihuahua
Emotion Casino - Chilpancingo
Emotion Casino - Cuauhtémoc
Emotion Casino - Cuernavaca
Emotion Casino - Hermosillo
Emotion Casino - Juárez
Emotion Casino - León
Emotion Casino - Puerto Vallarta
Emotion Casino - San Luis Potosí
Emotion Casino - Zapopan
Emotion Casino Jai Alai - Acapulco
Flamingo Casino
Foliatti Casino - Allende
Foliatti Casino - Chapala
Foliatti Casino - Guadalupe
Foliatti Casino - Monterrey
Fortune Casino - Hermosillo
Golden Island Casino
Golden Lion - Heroica Veracruz
Golden Lion - Jalisco
Golden Lion - Mexicali
Gran Casino - Juárez
Gran Casino San Juan
Grand Casino Zapopan
Grand Odyssey Casino
Hollywood Entertainment Casino - Constitucion
Hollywood Entertainment Casino - La Estanzuela
Jackpot - Boca del Río
Jackpot - Coatzacoalcos
Jackpot - Cozumel
Jackpot - Ensenada
Jackpot - Juárez Fraccionamiento Residencias
Jackpot - Playa del Carmen
Jackpot - Rosarito
Jackpot - Tehuacan
Jackpot - Venustiano Carranza
Jackpot Casino - Córdoba
Jackpot Casino - Cuauhtémoc
Jackpot Casino - Las Torres
Joker Casino
Jubilee Casino
Juega y Juega - Ciudad Madero
Juega y Juega - Mérida
Juega y Juega - Nuevo Laredo
Kings Casino
M Casino - Agua Prieta
M Casino - Ahome
M Casino - Mazatlán
M Casino - Rosarito
M Casino - Salvado Alvarado
Magic City Casino
Majestic Casino Zapopan
Majestic Palace
Marbella Casino
Mayan Princess Casino
Mega Casino - Tlalpan
Mega Jackpots - Mérida
Mio Games
Mio Games
Miravalle Casino Matehuala
Miravalle Palace
New York Casino
Orus Casino
Palace Bingo & Sport Bets Casino - Cancún
Palace Bingo & Sport Bets Casino - Toreo
Palermo Casino
Paradise Casino
Paradise Island Casino
Platinum Casino - Tlalnepantla de Baz
PlayCity Casino - Acapulco
PlayCity Casino - Aguascalientes
PlayCity Casino - Ciudad Juárez
PlayCity Casino - Culiacán
PlayCity Casino - Durango
PlayCity Casino - Guadalupe
PlayCity Casino - Hermosillo
PlayCity Casino - La Gran Plaza
PlayCity Casino - Metepec
PlayCity Casino - Miguel Hidalgo
PlayCity Casino - Monterrey
PlayCity Casino - Plaza Andares
PlayCity Casino - Plaza Las Animas
PlayCity Casino - Plaza Real
PlayCity Casino - Puebla
PlayCity Casino - Tepic
PlayCity Casino - Tlalpan
Playwin Casino
Providens Casino
Rio Casino
Riviera Casino
Riviera Grand Casino
Royal Yak - Mexicali
Royal Yak - Tlalnepantla
Royal Yak Casino - Benito Juárez
Royal Yak Casino - Culiacán
San Marcos Casino
Skampa Casino
Sports Book y Yak - Benito Juárez
Sports Book y Yak - Chetumal
Sports Book y Yak - Coyoacan
Sports Book y Yak - Cuautitlán Izcalli
Sports Book y Yak - Ecatepec de Morelos
Sports Book y Yak - Iztapalapa
Sports Book y Yak- Gustavo A. Madero
Taj Mahal Casino
Tropicana Casino
Twin Lions Casino
Vallarta Casino
Venetto Casino
Winland - Monterrey
Winland - Zapopan
Winpot - Heroica Guaymas
Winpot - Metepec
WinPot - Pachuca de Soto
Winpot - Solidaridad
WinPot - Tonala
Winpot - Tula
Winpot Casino - Guaymas
Winpot Casino - Mérida
Winpot Casino - Mexicali
Winpot Casino - Nogales
WinPot Casino - Noria
Win-Win Casino and Casino Bahia
Yak Casino - Acapulco
Yak Casino - Aguascalientes
Yak Casino - Álvaro Obregón
Yak Casino - Benito Juárez
Yak Casino - Centro
Yak Casino - Chihuahua
Yak Casino - Coatzacoalcos
Yak Casino - Colima
Yak Casino - Coyoacán
Yak Casino - Cuajimalpa de Morelos
Yak Casino - Cuauhtémoc
Yak Casino - Cuernavaca
Yak Casino - Cumuripa
Yak Casino - Ecatepec de Morelos
Yak Casino - Guadalajara
Yak Casino - Gustavo A. Madero
Yak Casino - Hermosillo
Yak Casino - Iztapalapa
Yak Casino - León
Yak Casino - Miguel Hidalgo
Yak Casino - Morelia
Yak Casino - Puebla
Yak Casino - Puerto Vallarta
Yak Casino - Querétaro
Yak Casino - San Luis Río Colorado
Yak Casino - Tlalpan
Yak Casino - Tonalá
Yak Casino - Zapopan
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